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Firma TAC

TAC - Trykot Arne Carlsson Ltd. in Szczecin has been sewing clothing for clients in Poland and abroad since 1947! Our production factories offer the following services:

- high quqlity knitwear garment like men's sweaters, hats, fleece, underwear etc.,
- professional work clothing - the best fabrics, the best sewing tachnologies, modern solutions for use by workers , our clients, famous Scandinavian companies like SAAB, SCANIA, SSAB have the world's highest requirements for work clothing,
- company and promotional clothing,
- modern embroidery division with many new generatin automatic machines.

In english please contact:

Ted Figurski +48 602 284 730 e-mail tac1@inet.pl
Trykot Arne Carlsson Spólka z o. o.
Zapraszamy od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach od 9.00 do 15.00
ul. Mazowiecka 13, 70-526 Szczecin tel: +48 91 434 27 61, +48 91 433 55 43, email: biurotac@inet.pl